James Crawford

Welcome to my graphics portfolio!

Learn More About Me

Recently i have focused on obtaining a degree in computer science and furthering my learning with several short courses in web development (mostly programming).

In addition to those achievements i have skills in graphic and web design. This site showcases some of the graphics work i have produced a while back.

These Are My Strengths

Graphics apps that i have good familiarity with include - Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw, very handy for producing nice designs and graphics. In addition i have used After Effects for animation, and Maya for 3D work.

In future i intend to use Corel Painter combined with my Wacom tablet as well :)

My Projects

Mockup design for presentation slides - Illustrator DVD cover design - Illustrator Harrier Jet created in Maya using NURBS curves/surfaces, not textured. Harrier Jet pic 2 - these pics were rendered with raytracing set to the max. Compositing exercise - original image changed by compositing techniques - Photoshop/After Effects. Jeep Cherokee interface design - Illustrator/Photoshop Sony interface design - Illustrator/Photoshop Impreza wrx created in Maya using Nurbs curves/surfaces. Prior design for main website - features HTML/CSS.

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